Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Rose:Mari's First Album "Last Letter"

Let's talk about local music today because there's more to North Carolina than NASCAR and Clay Aiken. Being an NC native myself, I've discovered that other jrock fans manage to thrive here. Even better, we have no kidding musicians who have survived the country long enough to produce an album!

Celestin and Yofiel, the stud-muffins that make up the two piece band Rose:Mari, have recently released their first album and frankly it's not too shabby.

Last Letter incorporates various genres, all of the romantic variety, with Luna Sea-esque vocals amongst its screams and whispers. Actually, many of the tracks seem to be inspired by classic visual kei with the right amount of death metal plunked in. As is expected from a composer whose hobbies include writing poetry and wooing girls at the AUSA host club, the lyrics are truly a gothic delight.

To sum it all up with a score, I'm giving Last Letter a 7 out of 10. The work as a whole was clearly produced with love but the vocals are still a little rough around the edges. Rose:Mari's site can be found here and the boys are on facebook as well.

Going to go and give the album a listen now?
Here are my recommends:
Deep Blue
Cecilia ~A Blind Romance~

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